We collaborate on open source projects from concept to adoption

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#openvillage is an initiative powered by the Edgeryders community.

A peer-to-peer accelerator for open source projects

OpenVillage is a peer-to-peer ecosystem designed to generate sustainable open source projects for public benefit. We help accelerate positive impact projects from ideas to adoption through incubation, an annual festival and mentorship.
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Meaningful collaboration for public benefit

    We focus on projects that match 3 criteria

  1. Answer real needs within one or more of the topics we care about
  2. Contribute to development, sharing and adoption of open knowledge, open science or open source technologies.
  3. Strive to develop a sustainability model that guarantees the continuity of the project.

How does it work?

Peer-to-peer Mentoring and Mutual Support

Experienced individuals running existing open source projects mentor and support less experienced participants who contribute to the mentors’ initiatives. The process is designed to ensure that both project leaders and project contributors develop their hard and soft skills.

Fellowship Incubation

We provide up to 4 months incubation at the OpenVillage, a fellowship residency program in a safe and curated environment allowing participants to develop their projects and skills. Edgeryders coordinates the fellowship residency program at The Reef, an edgeryders-managed coliving and co-working space in Morocco.

Online Matchmaking & Preparation

We organise online activities where participants introduce their projects and connect with teams consisting of project leaders and project contributors. This process takes place on the online platform, where members find each other and coordinate with over 200 active users.

Community building & Opportunity Generation

An annual festival is co-curated by participants in the fellowship program. This is an interface to amplify the initiative, showcase projects, draw support, disseminate knowledge and make new connections to the outside world. Revenue from the festival in the form of sponsorship and sales finances the Fellowships.

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There are many ways to get involved...

Project Leaders

More experienced participants with existing projects who can act as mentors.

Project Contributors

Less experienced participants mentored by project leaders.

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Who are we?

OpenVillage is a co-created project coordinated by Edgeryders, a community of around 4000 changemakers in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to co-create self-sustaining projects for the common good.

For more information about Edgeryders visit our platform or write to community@edgeryders.eu