Wondering what we’re up to next?

This January to April, we are bringing together 12 people interested in working on entrepreneurial and creative opensource projects to live, co-work from, and explore Morocco together for one month at a time.

We want to offer people working for the common good an intentional break from your routines and the space to drive meaningful projects forward, develop new skills and build new relationships. A month in the house is about going on a journey together to build a “better life” by collaborating on some inspiring projects with a supportive community of peers.

You can find out more about our Morocco residency here.

Our Fellows

While we’re talking about the residency in Morocco, we have 3 projects planned for the space staring in January.

Open Insulin is a joint effort to provide access to affordable insulin.

A big thank you & festival follow-up

Hi everyone,

We hope you have made it back home happy and safe. Here at the Reef in Brussels we’re still high on creative inspiration and love : )

We are committed to pursuing more connections with one another in the near future. Building beautiful things with you is the reason why we do this!

Want to join us in the OpenVillage adventure? Click here.

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If your answer to one of the two is yes, we will see each other soon!

Otherwise, you can also share your appreciation for a beautiful experience by sending a greeting or thought for others in our guestbook.

Thanks to those who are keeping the promise to blog about their festival experience.

Follow up to our Workshops

We would like to thank all our participants for giving us the gifts of their time and trust to come to participate in the OpenVillage workshop. As promised there are a number of follow up activities and opportunities to help move all of us work forward together – they are listed below. The deadline for applications to all of the opportunities is November 4, 2017.

Workshop participants get a shortcut to access the opportunities: Just share your reflections after the workshop you attended as a comment on the blog post containing the summaries we have written for you here:

This will help potential community managers to quickly connect you with the right opportunity for you.

1. Open Village Academy

The Open Village Academy is a program in which participants who wish to develop new skills,

This Week at Edgeryders – 6/10/17

How do we contextualise care in a manner that isn’t reductive or commodified? When we talk about economies of care, what context are we using: statistics, patients or individuals?

As we get nearer to OpenVillage festival, it’s worth looking at how the language we use to frame a problem holds a lot of sway over the type of solution we end up with – as @Gehan reflects on in her fellowship post ‘Affliction or adaption?’:

The author Tim Jackson some time ago advocated a low-productivity economy in an article in the New York Times. “At first, this may sound crazy; we’ve become so conditioned by the language of efficiency”. He argued excessive productivity made no sense in the caring professions where time and attention were called for; “The care and concern of one human being for another is a peculiar “commodity.” It can’t be stockpiled.

This week at Edgeryders – 30/9/17

Imagining an Egyptian Reef

As we head towards the Middle East and North Africa after OpenVillage festival, we are imagining what a self-organised and sustainable co-living network thats spans Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon would look like. Luckily @m_tantawy points us to certain models that already exist in Egypt from which we can draw inspiration and potentially collaborate with.

From the GrEEK Campus, Cairo’s first technology and innovation park in the heart of the city enabling startups to thrive and grow, to Sekem, a farming collective producing organic and biodynamic food, as well as operating a vocational training centre and medical clinic, to Darb, an art workshop in the heart of an old pottery village.. We think there is plenty to learn from these examples. Check out m_tantawy’s post and let us know how you would visualise The Reef MENA building on such models.

This Week at Edgeryders – 19/09/17

Edgeryders is growing faster than ever – thanks to the efforts of many talented people, the platform has now passed 4k members, with 1700 new posts added in the last month alone.

There is no sign of the momentum slowing with a very busy month ahead – #OpenVillage festival (check out the latest update to the already amazing lineup of speakers), our international circuit of workshops and establishing The Reef MENA all in play this October.

Finding a home in Morocco

Speaking of the Reef MENA (our regional youth platform commissioned by the World Bank), we have finally made a shortlist of candidate houses in Morocco for us to move into and establish a regional base.

This is where our fellowship residencies will take place in 2018 –