19.9.17 This Week at Edgeryders – 19/09/17

Edgeryders is growing faster than ever – thanks to the efforts of many talented people, the platform has now passed 4k members, with 1700 new posts added in the last month alone.

There is no sign of the momentum slowing with a very busy month ahead – #OpenVillage festival (check out the latest update to the already amazing lineup of speakers), our international circuit of workshops and establishing The Reef MENA all in play this October. Edgeryders passed 4k members. Here's to the next generation of change makers. Join the community at… Click To Tweet

Finding a home in Morocco

Speaking of the Reef MENA (our regional youth platform commissioned by the World Bank), we have finally made a shortlist of candidate houses in Morocco for us to move into and establish a regional base.

This is where our fellowship residencies will take place in 2018 – so it’s a really important selection. Check out the 12 locations @dailylaurel has scouted for us and take part in the decision making process by commenting on the post here. We’re already excited.

Travel bursaries & Festival Speakers

We have announced the recipients of our travel bursaries for OpenVillage festival in October, with fellowship announcements coming soon. The ten individuals selected so far will have their travel expenses reimbursed enabling more people from outside Europe to join the 3 day festival. We look forward to seeing them there, and for those still interested in support, you may still have time for fellowship applications if you’re attending one of our many workshops.

OpenVillage Festival - Attendants

Our lineup of festival speakers has been finalised, with the late addition of Harrison Chiu from BiosphereX. Harrison is working in a crazy number of overlapping disciplines including aquaponics, permaculture, keyline design, construction design, financial literacy and media production. At OpenVillage festival he wants to “share his experience working in communities of varying scales in New York and Beijing to figure out what a global culture that is free of cultural hegemony and is able to incorporate human diversity actually looks like”. Welcome Harrison!

Our second addition is Cindy Regalado – a London-based community organiser for the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science training communities, activists, and stewards on the use of DIY tools for environmental monitoring. She leads on the initiative ‘Science has no Borders’ through the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Doing It Together science’, which aims to bridge the gap between public engagement and policy action on Responsible Research and Innovation. Coming to OpenVillage Festival Oct. 19th? Check out the amazing lineup of speakers:… Click To Tweet

We’re super grateful to add these two talented researchers to our already bursting-at-the-seams lineup of speakers.