12.10.17 Follow up to our Workshops

We would like to thank all our participants for giving us the gifts of their time and trust to come to participate in the OpenVillage workshop. As promised there are a number of follow up activities and opportunities to help move all of us work forward together – they are listed below. The deadline for applications to all of the opportunities is November 4, 2017.

Workshop participants get a shortcut to access the opportunities: Just share your reflections after the workshop you attended as a comment on the blog post containing the summaries we have written for you here:

This will help potential community managers to quickly connect you with the right opportunity for you.

1. Open Village Academy

The Open Village Academy is a program in which participants who wish to develop new skills, professional experience and networks do so by contributing to existing open source projects dedicated to the common good. These are projects lead by peers with more experience, who in return for the contributions to advancing their projects, mentor participants – helping them to identify and develop the skills needed to be good contributors and colleagues.

The program starts on February 1 2018.
Deadline for applications: November 4, 2017. Apply here.

2 . Open Village Fellowship program

Wherever we look we see individuals and groups trying daring new strategies to thrive in a changing world. Like us, you are one of these people. From experience we know how difficult it can be to secure support for moving these initiatives forward. So we are building a system of mutual support through a fellowship program.

Fellows get a bursary of 1000 USD and customised support to speed up the progress on their projects. Deadline for applications: November 4th. Apply here.

3. Open Village Residency program

The residency consists of a structured set of online activities and co-working / co-living space for your project for a period of three months.

Eligibility Criteria

You are from Europe or middle east, you have an existing project working on one or more things we care about and would appreciate help on it from energetic, skilled young people fresh out of university. Your values and ways of working are aligned with ours: openness, collaboration and generosity in sharing our knowledge with one another.