5.11.17 Wondering what we’re up to next?

This January to April, we are bringing together 12 people interested in working on entrepreneurial and creative opensource projects to live, co-work from, and explore Morocco together for one month at a time.

We want to offer people working for the common good an intentional break from your routines and the space to drive meaningful projects forward, develop new skills and build new relationships. A month in the house is about going on a journey together to build a “better life” by collaborating on some inspiring projects with a supportive community of peers.

You can find out more about our Morocco residency here.

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Our Fellows

While we’re talking about the residency in Morocco, we have 3 projects planned for the space staring in January.

Open Insulin is a joint effort to provide access to affordable insulin. Many people in poorer communities or developing countries have no way of getting appropriate treatment for diabetes. This leads to serious illnesses such as blindness, amputations, cardiovascular disease and ultimately coma or death.

The Open Source Optical Coffee Sorter is a low-cost optical coffee sorter: a small machine that improves coffee quality by sorting out the “bad beans” at a rate of ≥100 kg per day. The project, in association with Fairdirect, aims to develop coffee processing tools for small coffee farmers that allow them to earn a much better income by selling the finished coffee product directly to the final consumers.

Bitcut is a design lab for open furniture, building the future of design based on open source designs that provide a full chain of production – starting with the designs, to the virtual market, provision of materials and supply to the client and producer. Based on two young architects dreams Bitcut was their solution for the quality and overpriced designs of the Egyptian furniture market.

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Have a project of your own?

We’re creating a space for collaboration between all disciplines so we encourage you to get in touch if you believe you have a project that fits with OpenVillage and the Edgeryders community.

Apply with these three simple steps:

1. Create an Edgeryders account and tell us about your social initiative or project.

2. Leave thoughtful comment on the others community members posts

3. Join the Count On Me mailing list

Follow this link for more information about the MENA Open Village Fellowship.

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