13.1.18 Counting down to Morocco

What measures can we take to avoid having a negative impact on the local environment, and by extension, the community when visiting a country?

The tourism industry often trades carbon footprint for profitable, attention grabbing thrills – but what if you could maintain a sense of adventure and still have a positive impact on the land you’re visiting? This is what @Maatoug and @dailylaurel will be working on by looking at the potential use for locally sourced and environmentally sound materials in surfboards with their Open Source Surf Boards. You can find out more about the project here.

Behind this idea is the motivation to educate tourists on how to respect our environment and create the best experience for travellers and particularly surfers. http://bit.ly/2j5a3qDClick To Tweet

Following this strand of thought, how can we raise awareness of community life in rural areas that are only visited and promoted for their tourist attractions?

We believe there are many untold stories and insights from the local community that we can bring out through the power of storytelling and documentation. Radio Kakouki Community Stories aims to bring out these stories and experiment with new ways of documenting and distributing them, in a way that directly involves the people living here.

Our aim is to delve into the stories of the local community and, by doing so, try to experiment with new forms of storytelling and content distribution.. http://bit.ly/2j5a3qDClick To Tweet

Interested in joining us between now and April? Fill in your application here to come to Morocco and brainstorm new ideas, join new collaborative efforts and discover a country and culture of riches like no other. The final deadline is January 15th 2018.

Apply with these three simple steps:

1. Create an Edgeryders account and tell us about your social initiative or project.

2. Fill in your application, detailing which project you would like to join.

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