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26.2.18Sidi Kaouki: One Month In

One month into our residency project in Sidi Kaouki and we’re getting a picture of what the community space is shaping up to be. The Morocco retreat is part of our concerted effort to push collaboration on open source initiatives in the MENA region, in ways that move beyond the collaborative realm online and into … Continue Reading

13.1.18Counting down to Morocco

What measures can we take to avoid having a negative impact on the local environment, and by extension, the community when visiting a country? The tourism industry often trades carbon footprint for profitable, attention grabbing thrills – but what if you could maintain a sense of adventure and still have a positive impact on the … Continue Reading

5.11.17Wondering what we’re up to next?

This January to April, we are bringing together 12 people interested in working on entrepreneurial and creative opensource projects to live, co-work from, and explore Morocco together for one month at a time. We want to offer people working for the common good an intentional break from your routines and the space to drive meaningful … Continue Reading

9.10.17This Week at Edgeryders – 6/10/17

How do we contextualise care in a manner that isn’t reductive or commodified? When we talk about economies of care, what context are we using: statistics, patients or individuals? As we get nearer to OpenVillage festival, it’s worth looking at how the language we use to frame a problem holds a lot of sway over … Continue Reading

30.9.17This week at Edgeryders – 30/9/17

Imagining an Egyptian Reef As we head towards the Middle East and North Africa after OpenVillage festival, we are imagining what a self-organised and sustainable co-living network thats spans Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon would look like. Luckily @m_tantawy points us to certain models that already exist in Egypt from which we can draw inspiration and … Continue Reading

19.9.17This Week at Edgeryders – 19/09/17

Edgeryders is growing faster than ever – thanks to the efforts of many talented people, the platform has now passed 4k members, with 1700 new posts added in the last month alone. There is no sign of the momentum slowing with a very busy month ahead – #OpenVillage festival (check out the latest update to the already amazing lineup … Continue Reading