After the festival, where do we go from here?

A massively distributed R&D lab for the post-job economy

Welcome to retirement

Congratulations, you've made it to retirement age, and without a pension or investment plan, you'll have to hack your way through your golden years like you did your youth.

Have no fear, with a little bit of innovative thinking and peer collaboration, you can seamlessly cruise through your elder dementia in style!

'Outsourcing Eldercare'

Many precarious workers do manage to make it to retirement, and it just might happen to you. Some Americans have turned to outsourcing eldercare by shipping their parents off to India, to live like a Maharaja on $2000/month.
In Japan, the film "Mezon do Himiko" tells the story of a retirement home for elderly transvestites and homosexuals. They managed to fund their retirement from a successful Tokyo nightclub and wealthy donors.

But are Ledgestriders so well prepared for their retirement?

Do you really think people will want to read your funding applications when you're wearing a diaper?

It's time to start exploring options for people who aren't part of the rank and file society before it's too late.

But you are now 96 years old and your robotic care assistant accidentally sucked up your dentures into the #opensource vacuum cleaner, because the IoT fridge and stove were chatting away and inadvertently knocked the robot offline.

It's really not a problem because a neighbour in your HackSpace has a 3D printer and (after downloading a free 3D file off Thingiverse) you manage to print a new set of teeth.

Unfortunately, they are not the right size and you wind up gumming your food at that evening's Disco Soup event, getting chunks of organic radish all over your sustainable milk-fiber bib.

And since your robotic helper is on the fritz, you decide to wash yourself off in the hipster bathing facility but slip and break your hip.

Again, your mates have this problem covered and start using 3D printed bones to grow you a new leg. Unfortunately, the operation doesn't go well and you get an infection.

However there is a cure for those with sufficient computational capacity: you can manufacture your own patent-free medicine based on your individual DNA.

Hooray! You win!

You have advanced to the next level of retirement: that of constantly badgering your kids to come and visit you!

But not everyone will be so lucky in the future, so it is time to explore the different possibilities that can be made to exist for people outside the "system".

  • What options can we as a community build for people to do well together outside the traditional ways of organising life and work?
  • Which legal and financial frameworks can we adopt/design to enable this?
  • What solutions are people in the community already working on and how can we help one another to make them accessible and sustainable?
  • How can actors in different industries be relevant in our lives (or not)?
  • What (if any) relationship do different members want with established actors and how can we them achieve this?

With OpenVillage we are creating a network of houses where you can give and receive support while working on the projects that matter to you.

So we invite you on a journey to make "the good life" happen - by collaborating in a free and open way on groundbreaking ideas for prosperous lives full of meaning, love and mutual respect...

We met, we spoke, now we build.

"We have all contributed to the journey to OpenVillage that started months ago: the community members, the OpenCare project and the Fellows. But Edgeryders has contributed by far the most and saw the need to get people moving in the same direction. I can’t imagine many would disagree with the value they have gotten out of it so far. Only now, while synthesizing notes several days later, it dawns on me. Everything that has been done, where Edgeryders took a leading role, has been the investment. Will we put to use what has been built?"
- @WinniePoncelet

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Credits: Nadia EL-Imam, Jeff Andreoni (Creative Writing), Owen Gothill (Design)

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7 May 2017

"Whether it is a ramp for disabled people or self-produced insulin, OpenCare's projects arise from collaboration between users and innovators"

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11 April 2016

"Social movements led by self-organising citizens are becoming the cutting edge of development. Establishing effective partnerships with them requires abandoning much of the implicit paternalism that informs development work"

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27 August 2014

"What united [Edgeryders] was not a political ideology, but the dead-end conditions of austerity and the hope of figuring out better ways forward."

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27 April 2015

"a group of self-described “civic hackers” who run a “social clinic” that embeds “skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence."

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12 November 2014

"..steps towards solving the major problems plaguing small towns such as Matera: massive land run-off, reduction of social services in the wake of European austerity measures, and not least unused housing stock."