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We are building our own Open Village. This Open Village is a network of distributed open houses throughout the globe. Some of us are already living and working in such a space in Brussels, called The Reef. Now we are setting up a new space in the MENA region.

We believed that young people in the Middle East & North Africa region could use a space from which they could boostrap their lives and work. We were thinking about peer-to-peer support as an operations mode and social innovation as a space to expand into. In short, something that looks a lot like Edgeryders itself, or at least shares its key values.

We particularly welcome interest from residents of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you: start here.

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Scouting Locations

In 2017, we set out to find a location for our first OpenVillage space outside of Europe. We are being ambitious. We are going for long-ranging, long lasting impact. We are looking to connect with people with an interest in social innovation and peer-to-peer culture. Check out our map of visited locations.

South of Agadir North of Agadir
Tarfaya Taghazout
Sidi Ifni / Legzira Imsouane
Tiznit / Aglou Essaouira
Tifnit / Agadir

Photography & Video

Photos and videos from our latest excursion to Agadir and nearby towns by @dailylaurel

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    Sunset in Tifnit #
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    Village of Aglou #
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    Skateboarding in Tarfaya #
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    Streets of Tarfaya #
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    Street market in Tiznit #
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    Tiznit Barber Shop #

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Key Topics


Morocco benefits from a private-public healthcare system that covers 70% of the current population. Sanitation and limited access to water remain a problem for large parts of the rural population. Recent efforts aim towards the development of cheap rapid-testing kits for different diseases including HIV and Diabetes.


Agriculture in Morocco employs about 40% of the nation's workforce. With Open Source hardware for agriculture and food production as well as low land prices, we have found a number of interesting opportunities in the region for agricultural development including spirulina production and organic farming.


About 400,000 youth each year drop out of school with no qualifications. The disconnect between school and the labour market is possibly more marked in Morocco than in other countries. Additionally, vocational training is fragmented: different government departments, NGOs and the private sector have rolled out non-interoperable vocational training programmes.


Employment is priority number one. The official youth unemployment rate is 18.5% (2013, World Bank); but the real figure is likely to be much higher, once you count jobless youth who are not actively looking for a job and those "employed" in the informal sector where they do work, but receive no salary, only some tips. About 90% of the employed youth work without a contract.

Get Involved

Take the challenge to shape your future work and life with peers around the world.

The Open Village is a connected network of houses that shares a community platform, activities and economic opportunities. We collaborate in a free and open way on groundbreaking projects for prosperous lives full of meaning, love and mutual respect.

How You Can Help

We are building a network of distributed open houses throughout the globe. Some of us are already living and working in such a space in Brussels, called The Reef. Now we are setting up a new space in the MENA region. You have the chance to design and build a community spot for MENA youth and to collaborate freely on groundbreaking projects.

Join our Community Call

Our community call is open to anyone and a great opportunity to meet other Edgeryders as well as follow the latest developments surrounding OpenVillage, The Reef, OpenCare and much more.

Joining is easy, just click here for direct access to our hangout which takes place at 18:00 CET every Wednesday. If you have any questions before joining, please email us.

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