• Join us
    this Saturday
    at 11 AM CET

    Gathering troops

    Come online and chat with the people and projects building OpenVillage, a new, madly ambitious initiative coordinated by Edgeryders.

    Joining couldn't be easier: just follow our #openvillage hashtag and send us your tweets.

    Let's make it big & loud

    You will meet and connect with edgeryders coming to the event in Brussels (19-21 October).

    You're welcome to present your project and how it could join a network of community spaces for living, working and staying healthy.

    Our Schedule

    • Introduction to Edgeryders & #OPENVILLAGE
    • Theme #1 - Open Science
    • Theme #2 - Architecture of Love
    • Theme #3 - Revolutionary Care
    • Future of OpenVillage & the first iteration in Morocco
  • Here's how you can take part

    1. Follow #openvillage

    Join us on Twitter at 11 AM CET this Saturday, follow all the updates live here.

    2. Give us a shout

    Tweet using the #openvillage hashtag - share your bio & what you are looking forward to seeing at OpenVillage Festival

    3. Join the war room

    Join the behind the scenes conversation at Edgeryders, sign up to the platform to comment.

    4. Take part in our Q&A

    We'll be doing a live Q&A from the @edgeryders account following the event, so prepare any questions you may have for us.

    5. Update your profile

    Download our banners and flyers and customise your Twitter profile ahead of OpenVillage festival.

  • Who will be there?



    A co-founder of Edgeryders, practicing community management, or attention as care to those of us struggling to fit under-resourced good work in current social and economic systems.



    A mix of engineer, entrepreneur, biologist and storyteller. Trying to do more with science by stimulating cooperation, openness, inclusiveness and other values.



    Gehan curates the Architectures of Love theme; exploring the conditions that generate health and support care. How might these insights reshape how we understand the role of policy so it enables rather than displaces peer-to-peer care.


    A hub in NYC for developing the skills, practices, and tools for building autonomy in the Anthropocene. Curating the Revolutionary Care theme about Building Health Autonomy at the festival


    My role at Edgeryders is to develop practices, technologies and business models for collective sense-making. Currently building the OpenVillage, an R&D lab for thriving in the post-job economy.

    And many more

    The entire Edgeryders community is taking part - and so can you. Find out who else is coming on our Facebook event page and follow us on Twitter @edgeryders for all the latest updates.